Links I Like

Here are some links that I found interesting or helpful from this past week. A lot of good stuff this week.

How I Pastor My Family
I found this blog post to be a helpful guide with some very practical info on shepherding your family.  This quote was particularly challenging:

“Husbands/dads, don’t clock-out on your way home; be ready to be present and engaged; don’t let your kids or wife expect to hear your formulaic: “I’m tired;” turn your phone off (I recently read something like this: “If you touched your wife as much as you touch your iPhone your marriage would be in a much better spot.”); cancel your cable TV; repent of your addiction to new projects, hobbies, and distractions.”

The Secret of Appreciating Church
“So, stop shopping for a church. Stop sampling. Don’t fall for all the hype of a Disneyworld experience with a Christian aura around it. Don’t chase after a superstar preacher. You can hear that on your iPod. Feel free to contribute to that ministry. But find a church where you can be part of a community of people who know each other and will help one another live the Christian life, sometimes as helpers and sometimes by being in need and providing an opportunity for others to help.”

Consumer debt is not your friend
Seth Godin gives some good thoughts on why to avoid debt.

44 Ways to Ruin Your Financial Life By Age 30
Speaking of finances, here is a great post on some financial pitfalls to avoid. If only I read things like this before going into massive amounts of debt to become an artist.

7 Thoughts on Reading the Bible
Bishop J.C. Ryle with some good advice on how to read your Bible.

5 Reasons You May Not Be Seeing Spiritual Growth
Do you ever try to measure your spiritual growth and feel like you aren’t making much progress in the Christian life? This post may help point you to the reason why.

At What Point Should I Share the Gospel?
I love this well balanced answer from Pastor Piper.

Ask People How You Can Pray for Them
Speaking of evangelism, I found this to be great practical advice to implement with the non-Christians you encounter.

Missional Through Community
More good advice pertaining to evangelism and how it relates to the Christian community.

“It’s all too easy for us to put on events that suit us at locations that suit us and at times that suit us. But to reach a neighbourhood or community of people, we need to eat their food, play their games, hear their stories, walk their streets, enter their homes, follow their timetable and inhabit their spaces.”

What Might Happen If Satan Took Over?
Michael Horton has an interesting take on that question.

Imperatives – Indicatives = Impossibilities
Good advice for all Christians, especially those who preach and teach the Bible.

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